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  • We will deliver you the designs in cdr and jpg format. Any way, if you need others formats, like: eps, gif, etc,.warn us
  • The files will be delivered by e-mail within 24 hs of your purchase.
  • Due to the electronic nature of the product and it's ability to be reproduced, refunds are not available.  If you receive a damaged file, please inform us and we will deliver you a new one.
Buying 2 limited sets you can choose any other set for free
Write me to indicate the name of the free set you want and I'll send it in the day!
  Easter week  
  Playing with colorful eggs
  Valentine's tenderness
  Colorful carnival masks
  Adventurous books
  My food is natural
    Magic Rhombs
Sweet chocolate
    Organic Forms
Friends of the autumn forest
    Floral Spirit  
    Magic Decorations  
Chicken things
  Leaves in the garden
    Back To School
    Adventurous Frog
Puppies and bubbles
    Bee stories
  Rain with friends